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Our strong presence in the country with strategically placed offices in India gives us the unique ability to meet our customers requirements for the highest quality products with an economical advantage. Manufactured using superior grade raw material, our products exhibit high value and standards in the national as well as international markets. A unique consortium of knowledge and expertise assist us in producing an exemplary line of material handling and construction machinery and equipments such as:
  • Cranes:
    • Mini Crane
    • Mini Lift
    • Winch Machine
    • Monkey Crane
  • Tough Rider:
    • Mini Dumpers
    • Tough Rider
    • Site Dumper
  • Concrete Mixers:
    • Reversible Drum Mixer(RM 800 and RM 1050 equivalent models)
    • Mini batching plants
    • 10/7 concrete mixers
    • Hydraulic concrete mixture
    • Weigh Batchers
    • Mini cement Mixers
  • Tremix System:
    • Power troweller cum floater
    • Dewatering Pump
    • Vacuum Pump
    • Concrete Cutter
    • Groove Cutter
    • Screed Vibrator
  • Batching Plants:
    • Batching Plant with Inline Feeding System
    • Screw Conveyor Belt System
    • Mini Mobile Batching Plants
  • Material Handling Equipment
    • Mini Cranes
    • Tough Rider
    • Wheel Barrow
    • Hand Cart
    • Measuring Box
    • Rail trolley system
    • Tower Hoists
    • Builder Hoists
  • Other Construction Equipment:
    • Sand Sieving Machine
    • Mixer machine
Quality Assurance
Quality is our major forte. As a quality assured company, we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers needs by providing quality formulated Mini Crane, Tough Rider, etc. To ensure high standards in our products, we have developed a total quality management system under the supervision of highly qualified quality personnel. This system ensures all aspects of process, inclusive of raw material testing, designing, production till the final dispatch of products, are maintained within the specific parameters of quality. As proof of the high quality standards we strive to verify our products on the basis of following parameters:
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Size
  • Efficiency
Modern Infrastructure
Our state-of-the-art infrastructure forms the backbone of our organization. Well-equipped and supported with the latest machines and equipment, our infrastructural set up assist us in meeting the most demanding requirements of our clients. In order to enhance our abilities, we have adopted a streamlined production system in our business operations. In the recognition of same, we have segregated our set up into different divisions such as manufacturing, R&D, quality control, etc, to facilitate a smooth functioning of the production process. Thus, with the assistance of highly pro-active team of employees and advanced production facilities, we have been able to meet and exceed our clients expectations.
Why Us?

Banking on our impeccable quality of products, we have been able to firmly position us in this competitive market. Following are the factors that have helped us in establishing the trust and goodwill with our clients:
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Efficient workforce
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ethical business practices.

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